2010 CtG

On Friday 25th of June 2010 Murray Ahern, David Sheehan, John Doyle & Colin McGhee cycled to Glendalough, Co.Wicklow  and were joined there by Robert Lee, Michael Callan, James Reidy & Ken O’Gorman.  I would like to thank my parents Maurice & Moira Ahern and Mr & Mrs Doyle and Clodagh for waving us off from Seapark.  It was a challenging cycle but was also an extremely enjoyable and memory filled weekend talking about Dylan and previous trips the group had taken to Glendalough.  We also threw in a three hour hike around the lakes (thanks David) and cooled off in a  little lake\stream near our hostel.  In case you think it was all hard work, we did have a quiet beverage or two along the way.  I know Dylan would have been very proud that we all made the trip to Glendalough as he had suggested and as his brother I am very grateful to all our friends for doing so.