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  • murray says:

    So Dylan today it is nine years since you died and I have no idea where time is going. I think about you every day and know you look down on us all with Love and support. How I miss you Brother, Murray

  • murray says:

    Where has time gone Brother, eight years today. I Love you dearly and think about you every day. Please continue to look over the family and keep us safe. Love Murray

  • murray says:

    Seven years today Dylan, can’t believe time has gone by so fast. Thinking about you all the time, Love Murray

  • murray says:

    Dylan, today it is five years since you died and I just can’t believe how quickly it has gone. Myself, Katie, Keith & Julia talk about you almost every day and know you are looking down on us. I Love you, Murray

  • Murray Ahern says:

    Well Dylan, it’s hard to believe it is four years today since you died Brother. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of the great laughs we shared together. You were always by my side Brother and your memory should and always will live forever.

    Please continue to look down on us all and keep us safe. You will be pleased to know that Keith and Julia are constantly talking about you and how you were such a caring and generous Uncle.

    I Love you now and forever.


  • Helen Carty says:

    All of the Ahern family are very much in my thoughts today on Dylan’s 3rd anniversary. I am remembering the many happy times I spent with Dylan…he really was an extra special person!! Lots of love Helen xxx

  • Robert Lee says:

    I just re read Dave’s account of life in and around Dylan, I cannot describe it better so I wouldn’t try.
    Life with Dylan was stories, the craic, the political discourse, the historical alliances, geography, the sporting life…. but most of all the laughter. That is my main memory, and what I miss most still to this day. There were so many nights out weekends away, and the abiding memory is laughter.
    The greatest compliment I can pay, is that still to this day, on occasions out and about, I’ll turn to Mick and say ‘Dylan would love this!’

  • Murray Ahern says:

    Dylan, today on your 1st anniversary we miss you so much. I miss you so much brother and any words that I write will not truely represent how my heart feels. In truth, my heart was broken a year ago today and it will never ever fully heal. The world has lost a great man, I have lost a great brother. I Love you, Murray

  • Dave Murphy says:

    I’m delighted to have come across this website, its a great tribute to Dylan whom I knew for only a short time as a colleague in Dublin City Council. I recently rediscovered an email conversation we had which started as a work related matter but was somehow quickly elevated to an esoteric discussion about the nature and number of the angelic hosts, which was far more interesting than the original query. This summed up for me what working with Dylan was like; he would never let the daily grind stifle the imagination or get in the way of a good chat. Meeting Dylan was guaranteed to leave a smile on your face, your mind occupied and your spirits lifted for the rest of the day. A colleague and friend with these qualities is truly invaluable.

    Dave Murphy

  • Gar and Mary Dillon says:

    Congrats on a fantastic website Murray,its a very special tribute to your big brother. We were privileged to be a part of your special day 2 weeks ago at the race. Thinking of you all at this difficult time. Lots of love Mary,Gar, Jamie and Conor xxxx

  • What a great tribute to a young man who I hadn’t seen since leaving Ireland in 1989. Despite the length of time I remember is warm disposition as if it were yesterday. It was great to see the photos of so many familiar faces and enjoy the fond memories of everyone. Dylan will NEVER be forgotten, that’s for sure!
    Best to all,

  • Katie Ahern says:

    To a dear Brother in law, Uncle & Godfather. Your untimely departure has left a gapping void in our lives, one that will never be filled. But with time, the truly joyous memories that we hold dear to our hearts will keep our hearts warm with your love. Keith & Julia’s memory of you will be cherished and nurtured as long as i have breath in my body. We all miss you dreadfully. Keith’s questions keep coming, but answers aren’t flowing as easily, as you were our “phone a friend” lifeline on that one. But he is slowly showing signs of his dear uncle DD’s love for knowledge and learning everything about everything! That, I will give you my word, will be nurtured as you would have loved. Keep watching over us & looking after us. We know you’re there. Much love always, Katie, Keith & Julia xxx

  • Hey Dyl, We’ ll never think of you as gone…your with us in so many different ways… your photos we’ll treasure and the memories, even better…(Do you like the poetry ? I hope you’re laughing now ! )

    If there was one thing Dylan loved, it was memories. His memory was so unique. He could tell me that my 4th birthday cake was made like a train and that I wore a brown polo neck. I had to believe him even though I had no recollection. He was only a few months older than me at the time.

    Dylan just loved memories…memories were recounted endlessly, tales of adventure, stories, mishaps and laughs, the length and breadth of Ireland, Europe and beyond.

    It did n’t matter if things didn’t go according to plan, for the Story was all the better for it.. And so the memories grew. We’d love recounting the stories, and Dyls face would beam, hands rolling furiously in a ball.

    Bunratty’s banquet, Kitzbuhel and the Hannenkahn, Cruit Island, Lugnacoilla, Aghavanna, the Summer solstice on Tara, Florida and Old marsh golf club, Abbeys, Bars, Sessuins and the crack. They’re all memories we’ll have forever.

    We climbed mountains, hiked hills, crossed ditches and rivers for a laugh..and the crack and a chat..and hopefully a story ! When it came to exploring, he never liked going somewhere twice, if he was there, it was simple, he’d “ Done it “.

    He’d go “ There “, make his mind up and move on….There was too many other fish to fry, horizons to be opened, in his eyes..

    Man he made us laugh…On a trip back having being abroad for several wks, possibily having set off for a year.. we’d ask him? Where did ya get to..?

    “ Oh pretty much everywhere actually” he’d reply

    and he’d list off most of the major countries and cities of Europe.. and we’d say,. “and what about Asia Dyl, I thought you were doing Asia also “

    “ Yeah I did it”, “I went to Asia, Wasn’t that into it actually “..

    What do you mean ? Did you go to India, China , Vietnam Thailand.?

    “ Na, no interest “

    But where did ya go then..? I went to Georgia, spent a few days there and then went to Istanbul and spent a day there also. I just wasn’t that into it.”

    We’d laugh for hours with him on stories like that. Once he’d made his mind up, it was clear and simple. He’d been there, and done it .

    But in many ways he had done it, he’d read the books, knew the history, knew the legends and folklore. In fact he knew more than the locals themselves. And that’s one of the many attributes that made him so infectuous to be around,, it didn’t matter where we’d go, who we met, people always warmed to him. He was truly charismatic. People just wanted to speak to him more.

    He had a thing for badges, uniforms, military honours, ranks etc. His knowledge was limitless. Whilst chatting to him one Summers evening there last year, with an atlas in hand, we got talking on Flags.

    “ Try me” he said. “ Name a flag and see if I can guess it “

    Guess it, was not entirely accurate. You name it he knew it, and he also knew when the “Times Concise Atlas of the World 8th Edition didn’t know it.”

    “ WRONG “ “WRONG “ “ DEFINITELY WRONG “ he’d blurt.. “idiots..”. “ Palau’s Flag is blue with a yellow disc, the moon actually “ “ Not a yellow circle, WRONG “

    And then I’d wind him up and ask him of the marshall Islands ? “ he’d quickly reply, “

    “Oh yeah, that’s a cool one, it’s blue with a star and a diagonal prism of white and green “

    “Na, it’s Red with a green Triangle.” I’d reply pulling his leg.

    “ No its not “ he’d state, then realise I was only joking as I could hardly contain the laughter.

    “ Macedonia ?” “ Red and yellow like the ray and the sun inset “ he’d keep responding…

    “ Come on , try me “ .. I was fast running out of the most obscure countries I could find, countries I’d never even heard of, and that was only the M s.

    His Brainpower was just truly mesmorising, astonishing. I just sat there laughing to myself, saying “ Dyl, how do you know are this stuff ?” Books was the usual answer, but this time it was just,

    “ I don’t know, I just Do “ But I’d say Dyl, nobody just knows all the flags of all the countries of the world..and he’d probably be smiling at this point, saying “ I just do”, “ I don’t know how I do, but I just do…”

    His Genius that day just blew me away, but it was far from the first time.

    Dyl we miss ya, but will always think of ya, and we’ll never know how you knew so much..

    The “ Stories “ will never quite be the same without you being part of them

    Thanks for all the amazing memories.

    Do chara Daithi
    Ps. thank you Murray … the websites a credit to you..

  • Ciara Lee says:

    Murray, thanks and well done on creating a brilliant site. It’s lovely to look over all the photos.. some make me laugh, some make me cry .. but so many hold such great memories. I particularly like seeing his huge laugh .. he always knew how to make me laugh and I will miss him forever.

  • Aidan O'Leary says:

    A very moving tribute to Dylan. You did it with great heart Murray and it shows.
    As you know your brother was a much loved member of the O’Leary Clan
    here in the village of Ballinacurra Co.Cork. Dylan truly loved the life down here. He knew there was a cure
    in nature!
    He has left us with many memories of a truly unique individual and will never be forgotten.
    Our thoughts as always are with you and the family.
    Take care

  • Colm Hickey says:

    I only got to know you over the last six or seven years, but you have left an impression on me that will last a life time. If it wasn’t for you i don’t think i would be running today. Your passion for the sport was infectious. You once asked me if I was going to a certain race and I said i wasn’t because I was playing for a local soccer team, to which you replied “Don’t mind soccer. Why do you want to compete in a sport where a coach determines whether you play or not? Come running instead, you’ll only be judged on your times.” I’ll never forget that and needless to say I haven’t played much soccer since and yet I’m still running. For that I thank you and will always miss you

    Kind regards
    Colm Hickey.

  • Murray Ahern says:

    Dylan, it is lovely to see all the happy photo’s from your time with family & friends and on your travels down through the years. I thank God that we have these memories now and forever. I will never ever forget you my brother. Slan a Chara, Murray

  • colm doran says:

    sad to look at his picture and know over last 20yrs or so i trained ran and competed against dylan i will remember him forever in my heart always sunny when i think of him and great competition was had just hope hes running with another bunch of great people rest happy

  • Meghan Gill says:

    Thank you for creating this website. Dylan was such a special friend to me. We had so much fun laughing–his sense of humor was rare and contageous. I wish I could join you in the race.
    XOXO Meghan

  • Michael Howard says:

    It is a great idea to dedicate a website to Dylan,a wonderful person and an inspiration to all . Sadly departed this world before he was able to achieve his full potential although he achieved more than most in such a short time.Really enjoyed his poem of which I am sure was one of many.
    Kind regards

  • Michael O'Dwyer says:

    What a wonderful website and a fitting tribute to Dylan. I had the pleasure of meeting Dylan at the Maurice Ahern Cup race a couple of years ago and I’m delighted Murray has asked me to come along on the 6th February.
    Kind regards,

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